Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week #2 Training in the Books!

Week #2 of 13 is done and here's how it went down:

Monday - 40 minutes of strength and stretching
Tuesday - 3.75mile run in 35:00
Wednesday - 3.0 mile run in 27:55 + 15 minutes of hip strengthening exercises
Thursday - 2.0mile run in 17:53 + 30 minutes of arms, abs strengthening
Friday - X-training - 2.75 miles on elliptical in 30:00 + 1.10mile walk on treadmill in 15:00
Saturday - REST day - seriously, I didn't do any exercising
Sunday - 7.25 mile run in 70:00 minutes (it's my long run day of the week, so I make the most of it)

I pretty much followed the routine this week, except I added a little (2.25 miles) onto my long run today!

Everyone always asks how I can manage running on the treadmill; they always ask, "don't you get bored?" or will say, "I hate running on the treadmill." Well, see, I'm a little spoiled, because this is the treadmill I run on. She's a beaut! I can keep track of time, distance, pace, heart rate, etc. and it inclines and declines. I can just plug my headphones in and watch TV, so although I prefer to be outside running (in the sun), when I gotta get my distance in, this will more than do!
 Here it is, all set up to go with all my stuff.

As of today's run, I can officially run at least 1/2 of a 1/2!

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