Sunday, February 19, 2012


Picture it: Sunday, March 20, 2011
That was the last time I had a double-digit mile run.
That is until yesterday!
10 miles in the books! I'm so excited.

I went out with the Foxtrot running group. This is a group of some pretty cool people. They're training for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May but anyone can show up for their weekend group runs. Since my friend, Sandy, and I are training for the Cook Forest 1/2, we're usually not prepared for the distance they have set to run. No biggie, we just adjust our mileage as needed.
So they had 14 miles on the agenda. I knew this was not possible for me. Sandy was thinking 10 miles and, although my schedule had a 9-miler on schedule, I was OK to try to 10.

So we met, took off and once we established our running grove, I found myself just a few steps ahead of Sandy (who was running with a gal, Kyra). When I hit the 5-mile mark, I turned around. Sandy felt good and wanted to continue, but Kyra was ready to turn around (to this point, 6 miles was her longest run). Sandy continued with the group and Kyra and I turned around and headed back to the start/finish.

For several miles we chatted and came to realize how similar our lives are - we chatted about our boys (she has 2 boys, ages 6 and 8) and their adventures in school and soccer, what we love about parochial schools, etc. Kyra started to slow and told me to push ahead and we'd meet at the end. So that's what we did.

I finished the 10.17 miles in 1:40 on the nose - setting my pace @ 9:50, which is the perfect pace for a long run!
10 miles - it's been a long time since I hit that mileage.
I'm feeling it a bit today, especially in the knees. I'm going to take it easy today and tomorrow and then hit the road again on Tuesday.

This is the group (before we took off). I'm in the pink top with the blue hat!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Training Season - it's ON!

It's February.
I haven't posted since 1/7/12.
That's unacceptable.
Since my last post, I started the official 12-week training program for the Cook Forest 1/2 Marathon.
Yes! That's the one I (over)trained for last year and then was unable to run it.
Fast-forward to today - I may not be a year faster, but I am a year smarter and have promised to train smarter and stick with the plan.
I am also thrilled to have 3 friends running the 1/2 this year - that makes for a lot of motivation.
First, there's Amy. She's an amazing runner, a wonderful person, and I'm so thrilled to be running with her. We have been training 'together' at a distance, as we live 4 hours apart. We do our training and then email each other our updates on Saturday (although she is always the one who initiates the exchange - thanks Aim!)

Next, there are Sandy and Mary. 2 truly amazing people. I work with Sandy and we're similar in that we both started running not too long ago. Mary has been running for a bit longer - she is just amazing. I've learned so much about running just by watching her at races (she's always ahead of me, I just try and keep up).
This is Mary and I at the Turkey Trot in November.
 Here comes Sandy in from her 12-miler yesterday.

So, the training has been going well  - I track it all on Mapmyrun.
Don't want to bore with details, but the basic plan is
Sunday - rest or cross-train (I've been keeping it a rest day)
Monday - cross train (usually circuit training class at work)
Tuesday - 3 - 4 mile run
Wednesday - 3-4 mile run
Thursday 3-4 mile run
Friday - rest
Saturday- long run (yesterday was my longest - 8.87 miles with the Altoona runner's group)