Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sure-Fire Ways of Ruining your Diet on Picnic Day

1. Start Early - get up good n' early in order to maximize your time for calorie consumption - then get right on to #2.

2. Eat breakfast - load up on carbs - you're going to need the energy for the long day of picnic activities.

3. Load up on diet sodas - this will ensure a good level of dehydration, high sodium retention, and increased thirst. It also helps to ensure a high likelihood of the afternoon bloat!

4. A word about exercise: you'll most likely be making many trips from the picnic table to the food table - count each trip as exercise :)
You should probably focus on moving as little as possible b/c of the heat - you don't want to overdo it!.

5. Graze - the food will be out all day, so eat several many smaller meals.

6. Eat a variety of colors - I found cupcakes with red/white/blue icing and sprinkles - these cupcakes paired with the numerous other items you'll be consuming will ensure a plethora of vitamins and minerals.

7. Lemon bars count as a fruit!

8. Salt - its' the spice of life - use liberally. Not only will it make everything taste a little better, but it'll help promote that 'puffy' feeling in the evening and it's a great way to ensure your rings won't fall off your fingers!

9. Don't skip supper. Just because you've been eating all day, you should plan to eat a nice supper. Be sure it's a balanced meal and includes dessert. Hey - treat yourself, it's a picnic!

10. Don't worry about calories. When you eat in social situations, calories don't count :)

Follow these 10 simple steps and in no time you'll realize how far off your fitness routine you are...........

Obviously, I overdid it today. Tomorrow is a new day and water will be my friend! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Instead of Running

I really don't think it's time to start thinking about finding another sport, but running isn't working out so well for me. I'm in PT, though, and hoping this does the trick. I'm a slave to my strengthening and stability exercises, but when it comes time to 'run,' I don't do so well. I've managed to run a 3-minute block, a 6-minute block, and a 4:30 minute block (all on separate days) - but no more without increasing pain :(

So what have I been doing? I've been working on my arms and abs and trying to just keep a positive focus.

Also have been enjoying some time outside, because we finally can :)

We went to my cousin's family camp yesterday and had so much fun. It was great to get away for a little bit. It's amazing how you can spend the day 'exercising' without counting miles, minutes, reps. I was totally dirty and sweaty when we got home.

Me and my little guys!

 Me doing my rendition of "Endless Love" - you can feel it, can't you? I guess it kinda looks like I'm having intestinal problems, but I swear I was singing.....

I look @ this photo and think if I could go back to the me from 1 year ago and flash forward to the me today, I'd be pretty excited to see what I see and wouldn't be too hard on myself for not being able to run right now. 
(Thanks for taking this photo, Jeremy!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

PT-ing it for the Weekend

I have 2 sessions of PT under my belt (and a crap-load of exercises to do over the weekend) and dare I chance to say that I think I am noticing some improvement already? Dare I? I dare....

Boy, I am really hoping this is the path back to running. I realize that I may have to start @ square 1 with running, but that's OK (well, I am a little bitter over the fact that I was running 12/13 miles and now I'd be lucky if I could run up for the mail). I will be thrilled to get the 'go-ahead' from the PT to try some jogging.

Gotta go do some leg lifts (and maybe some side bends).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Sidelines

Today was the Cresson Area Heritage Days 5K - this was the 1st race I ran last year (and ever). I was super-excited to run my 'sophomore run' today, but my darn knee had other plans for me.
I was all signed up to run, but decided no to run, or even walk it. Instead, I went to the race and cheered on all my friends who did run or walk the course.
Being on the sidelines has its benefits:
 *You get to see the fastest runner finish (today's 1st-place finisher came in somewhere around 19:00 - that's a crazy time that I'll never see unless I'm standing on the sidelines).
 *You get to cheer every.single.runner across the finish line.
*You get to watch the thrill (and sometimes frustration) of those crossing the finish line.
*Most importantly, you get to realize that it's not all about 'you.' Runners need a lot of support!
It really took a lot for me to go there today, watch everyone line up, take off, and come back across the finish line. Each person that crossed that finish line had a reason for running/walking today and it was really eye-opening to see that in action. I'm so used to just going out that and being so fixed on my start, my pace, my time, my finish, etc....
Congrats to my friends who raced, placed, finished!

Me with Christa (who scored a nice trophy for 3rd female overall with a time of 23:32) and Sandy (who placed 1st in her age category with a time of 26:24). You gals are so inspiring - can't wait to get back on the race circuits with you 2!

Also want to give a shout out to my good friend, Sue C, who walked the 5k and asked (as she was crossing the finish line) for me not to take a photo :) She did great and I was thrilled to hang out with her @ McD's after the event.

Being a cheerleader in today's race really made me realize how much I enjoy running and need to get my focus on healing the knee (sounds like a mantra - 'heal the knee').