Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Motivation

I am signing up for a 15k (9.3 miles) race on the 4th of July!
I started my training plan and I don't have any specific goals set yet, but I do know that my biggest challenge in this training period is not the number of runs, cross-training sessions, strength-training sessions, etc. I have before me, rather, the extra pounds (lbs, #s) I've been carrying around with me.
I know that I've come so far in my weight loss journey, but there's just this extra ~10 pounds that has been hanging around for many months. I go up and down 3-4 pounds constantly, but have been at a plateau for too long. It's gotta come off.
I know for me, exercise alone is not the key. I need to control what goes in my mouth or I will continue on this 3-4 # roller coaster.
So from this point forward, I will post my weekly weight loss (I might follow a cute idea I found on another blog called "WIW," or weigh in Wednesday). I can't bring myself to post my actual weight, but pounds lost (or gained) I can handle.
I'm gonna need some motivation, so here's some to start:

Some Days.....

It's been a long time since I lacked the motivation to exercise; weeks, months, years maybe.
Well, yesterday I woke up with no real plans for anything, let alone exercise. See, I got my long run in on Thursday evening with the Fox Trot running group, so I didn't have specific needs to SLR (slow long run) yesterday. I thought I'd want to maybe add another SLR in yesterday, or maybe I'd want to combine a short run with some cross-training. Instead, I found myself not wanting to. do. anything.
I slugged around the house for several hours and finally I knew what I needed to do = RUN!
But I also knew that I needed some motivation to get going, so I went to my Pinterest board "All things Running," and found the exact thing(s) I needed:

I laced up my shoes, grabbed my gear, and headed out. I told Jeremy that I was hoping for 3 miles, probably slowly and possibly even stopping to walk - I just had to get out there!
3.27 miles - 30:03 minutes - DONE!
I walked in the house and when Jeremy asked how I felt, I told him, "Exactly how I was hoping I'd feel - great!"
Lesson: Exercise - you might dread it, but you'll never regret it!
So true, so true.