Sunday, February 27, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 8 Update

Not a long post today, but kinda an exciting one!

Monday - Run 11.0 miles in 1hour: 48 minutes   :)
Tuesday - Shovel snow for 30 minutes (hey, it counts)
Wednesday - Run 4.0 miles in 35:00 minutes + 12:00 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday - Run 3.64 in 35:00
Friday - Run 4.0 miles in 38:17 minutes
Sat/Sun - rest days.


* Totally thrilled with my big run - PDR (personal distance record) to date!
* No weights this week - kinds bummed, but my wrist has been hurting, so I didn't want to mess with any weights.
* Overall distance not so great, but see first reflection and you'll come to the conclusion that I'm still pretty OK with this week's accomplishments!
* I'm shifting my strategy a little. One week I will be running a LONG run and every other run that week will be shorter (between 3-5 miles). The next week I will run all of my runs a little longer (between 5-6 miles) and my longest run will max at somewhere around 7-8 miles. This new strategy will pretty much put me in a position to score (1) 13-miler before the actual race, which is something I'd like to know I can do before I go out and try it on race day.

Looking ahead:
* This week is spring break @ work, but I'm going to try and remained focused on running/training.
* Looks like I might be able to score a run or 2 outside :)
* Massage is scheduled for Tuesday -ahhhh!

When things get tough, these are the motivators I need to remember :0

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 7 (a little late;)

Hey - it's better late than never -
here's the way my week went last week:

Monday - Run 6.0 miles in 57:06 - pretty happy with that run :)

Tuesday - Stationary bike 2.30 miles in 10:39 + 30:00 of ab work

Wednesday - Run 6.30 miles OUTSIDE in 62:00 - this was my first time running outside this year. I clocked 125.68 miles on the treadmill since Christmas. Being outside running was such a wonderful change of pace :)

Thursday - Run 5..30 miles in 50:00 OUTSIDE again! I really had to take the opportunity of the beautiful weather.

Friday - 30:00 minutes of arms work

Saturday - Run 7.34 in 1:10:00

Sunday -rest day :)


* Mileage wasn't as high as last week, BUT I had more longer/regular runs and that makes me happy because I'm building my body up to expect regular runs to be longer than 3 miles
* I was actually scared to run outside - hell after being a slave to the dreadmill, I didn't know what my body could handle outside - I thought my lungs would explode, I thought my knees would give out, BUT it was great and I really needed that change of pace/scenery/ mood! Can't wait to make outside runs my 'usual' again.

Looking ahead:
* Well, seeing that I'm already 1/2 way through this week's training, I don't really have a significant 'plan.' I am kinda switching up my training plan pretty significantly - I'll comment on that in the next update!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. AWESOME - got OUTSIDE for a run yesterday - was scared that the lungs would explode, but I did well and enjoyed every. minute. of. it!

2. It's Random Acts of Kindness Day...........

3. Still haven't called for my massage.

Have a great one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 6 (Wow!)

Week 6 - done! Wow! Can't believe I'm just about 1/2-way there. Ha, ha - 1/2 way to the 1/2!
I think I had a great week -
accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish.

Monday -      Run 5.02 miles in 47:06 minutes.

Tuesday -      Run 1.0 miles in 9:13 + Ab/Arm work for 40:00

Wednesday - Run 6.2 miles in 60:00

Thursday -     Run 2.01 miles in 19:10 + Ab/Arm work for 15:00 - ( I felt kinda directionless this day - everything was so random with little commitment - I should've just rested, but I felt like I needed to do 'something')

Friday -          Run 10.10 miles in 1:39:07 (that's 1 hours, 39 minutes, 7 seconds - yeah, a tad proud of that)

Saturday -     Rest

Sunday -       Run 4.0 miles in 36:50

TOTAL MILES for the week: 28.33!!!!! Score!

* Feeling awesome about all the running.
* Stayed well hydrated this week.
* Still didn't make it outside yet - it's coming, I can feel it!

Looking ahead:
* Calling today to set up a massage!
* Probably going to stay right around the same mileage - I don't think I'll do a 10+ miler this week. I'll probably have my long run close to 10 miles, but next week is the week I'll try to add some additional mileage.
* After this week, I'll be officially a tad more than 1/2-way through my training!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Nothing makes your self efficacy soar like a busy day of work, followed by a 10-mile run (yes, you read it right, 10, I didn't accidentally add a 0), followed by a trip to the mall, Cracker Barrel, Walmart with the family. Whew! I'm beat....bring on the weekend!

Oh, and did I mention, I scored a 10-mile run today? Yeah, I'm a tad pumped about it (and if I remember it correctly, my reward for this milestone will be a massage - I will be calling on Monday to schedule it:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 5 (5m is the new 5K)

Here I am, 5 weeks in and my focus is on "adding up the miles." I'm trying to make even my short runs longer than usual. It seems that 5-miles runs have become the new 5K (3.1 miles) 'regular' run for me. Once again, I'm off my prescribed training schedule, but feeling good with the way things are going, so I'm just gonna go with it for now.

Monday - Run 4.53 miles in 44:30 + 20 minutes of arms and abs work

Tuesday - 30 minutes of arms and abs work

Wednesday  -Run 3.0 miles in 28:14

Thursday - Run 5.0 miles in 48:27

Friday - Run 7.1 miles in 70:00 (I usually save my long run for Sunday, but with the way the weather has been and various weekend plans, I was glad to get a 5+ miler in on Friday)

Saturday - rest :)

Sunday - Run 5.3miles in 50:00

TOTAL MILES: 24.93 (now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!).

* I wanted to up my miles this week - check! I'm up 5 miles this week. I know it's because I got my longer run in in Friday and my 5-miler today put me over the top!
* I started using the treadmill in my department - it never gets used. It's not as fancy-Nancy as the ones I'm used to using, but you know what? It doesn't shut off after 35:00, and no one is ever waiting to use it, so I'm happy to give it some action!

Looking ahead:
* High hopes of scoring at least an 8-miler this week (hopefully earlier than Sunday) and keeping near or over 24 weekly miles.
* Crank up the water intake - I've been so slacking in this area and I know it's so important.
* Dreaming of a 10-miler soon - my reward for that is a massage! I'm not certain it will happen this week, but maybe next week?
* Also dreaming of getting OUTSIDE. I want and need the running challenges the outside gives me, but I'm a wimpy, cold runner, so I'll be running the belt unless there's decent weather.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gettin' Crazy on a Saturday Night!

Jeremy and I had a little date planned for this evening, but the weather and its inability to decide what it wants to do has kept us home. So, I'm doing the craziest thing I know, BAKE. Actually, I'm excited to try out the agave nectar Jeremy bought me last week. Here's the recipe (from one of my favorite web sites - check it out on the right side of my blog):

Hope they are as yummy as they sound and look (it won't be long till I find out!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I totally missed it last week, but I'm back this week with THREE (3) random things for 3 Things Thursday:

1. INXS rocks. In 1987, I became INXS' biggest fan, a self-claimed title that lasted until at least 1994. On my way to work yesterday, I listened to INXS' greatest hits. MAN, I forgot how awesome that band was.
Most of my favorite INXS songs were ones not released or unknown, like Stairs - awesome song! I will be adding Suicide Blonde to my 1/2 Marathon playlist (which is the topic of #2, so read on).

2. I'm working on a list of songs for my 1/2 marathon playlist. I'm going to load up the iPod with at least 2+ hours of songs that I will not listen to UNTIL my 1/2 marathon. I've been jotting down songs and artists as they pop into my head and will download everything I need on April 1 (just 1 day before the 1/2). Thanks to my Mom-in-Law for the iTunes giftcard from Christmas (yes, I'm saving it till April). I am totally open to suggestions, so PLEASE let me know what song(s) push you during a run.

3. I've got a bad case of cabin fever. I was pretty good with last year's winter season, but there's just something about 2011 that's killin' me. I have been shopping online (b/c I can't actually get anywhere) for bathing suits and vacation destinations - if that doesn't scream "GET HERE SPRING," I don't know what does. Punxy Phil is promising an early spring - that little rodent better deliver....

And while everyone else is watching the Steelers bring home #7, I'll probably hopefully be icing down my legs after a Sunday long(er) run. I'm already finding it hard to fit the runs (and I don't mean diarrhea) into my schedule this week - hope I can score that LR by week's end :)

That's all folks!