Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011!

January 2 has become my January 1!
It gives me an extra day to figure out what I want out of the new year ;)
January 2 of 2010 was a monumental day for me and I want to keep that momentum going, so I'm starting my resolutions today!

My resolutions are mainly fitness related, but since health and fitness were my complete focus in 2010, I'd like to focus a little more holistically in 2011, so I'm adding some other domains into my goals.
At work, I co-teach a wellness course to college freshman. We teach them about wellness, the various domains and activities they can do to increase their levels of wellness in all the domains of wellness. The domains of wellness that we teach are:
Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Social, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental.
We encourage our students to analyze each of the dimensions and establish goals in each of the areas to increase their overall wellness, creating a holistically 'well' individual!

So I wonder, do I need a goal in each dimension?
 I fear if I create too many goals, I won't be able to accomplish any of them,
so I think I'm going to keep it simple this year.

Lose 1 pound per month. I think this should be very manageable for me since I had some great success with weight loss in 2010! My reason for continued weight loss has more to do with wanting to increase my running speed and pace, but I do still have 'target areas' on my body that need some fat reduction.

a. Complete a half marathon, a 15k, and all 8 races in the Hollidaysburg YMCA Race series. In addition, I want to run several additional 5k races in the area and try to run race (probably a 5k, but 10k would be OK too) out-of-state (this will give a chance to go on a little vacation). For each one of my races, I will set a goal or 2 to accomplish!
b. I also am incorporating more strength training into my workout routines in order to tone and strengthen my muscles for running.
c. Take a yoga class.
d. Try to do more 'family fitness' activities.

a. Continue to follow the Weight Watchers points plan most days of the week.
b. Eat a bigger breakfast and lunch and a smaller supper.
c. Prepare and eat majority of suppers @ home - hoping to get the boys involved in meal prep so they understand how important healthy meals are.
d. Focus on water intake.
e. Drink more tea (preferable green).
f. Limit soda (esp Diet Coke) consumption.
g. Try to switch to natural sugar substitutes (like agave nectar) instead of artificial sweeteners.

a. Spend less, save more (plan grocery trips and use coupons).
b. More family time (games, movies, etc).
c. Date night once a month (grocery shopping doesn't count as a date:).
d. Visit nephew Aidan often.

Did I say that I wanted to keep things simple?
Maybe these are more complex than I thought.
At least these goals will keep me moving forward!

Good luck to you if you have resolutions for 2011!

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Dana said...

Like the "visit Aidan often" goal