Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

As I've increased my blog snooping, I've noticed that everyone (well, not everyone, but many) bloggers have a post called Three Things Thursday. It seems to be any random 3 things.....
So, I'm going to start my own 3 things Thursday posting. Starting today.

1. It's snowing again today. I seem to be longing for some nice outdoors-running weather (thinking, "bring on the hills, pot holes, road kill, running-short tan lines) but alas, Senorita Treatmillio will be paid a visit from me a little later this a.m.

2. I'm considering altering my 13-week 13.1 training plan a bit - I'm scheduled for a 5-mile run for my 'long run' this weekend, but I'm planning on trying for at least 6, if not more. So, do I just keep my plan as is and do more than is scheduled each day/week? Or do I remake the plan with more challenges? IDK.....

3. Blog snooping has led me discover so many different levels of runners  - everything from super-human (like Beth from Shut Up and Run) to.....well, people like me, who are just learning that running is more than just walking fast (I"m just learning terms like tempo run, long run, splits, fartleks, compression socks, 13.1). Up to this point, I was pretty much comparing myself to every other runner and focusing on what I 'could be doing' or 'should be doing.' Whatever! From now on, I"m just gonna run!

Happy Thursday!

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