Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last 5k of the year - Best One Yet!

Twilight Race @ Lakemont Park!
Time: 24:12 (unofficial)!
New PR(personal record) for me!
Perfect way to end this year for me.

My festive "Happy New Year" toes. I was doing everything I could to give myself some extra luck! Guess it worked.

 Just before the race, a local news anchor recruited Jackson and Jude (and some other kiddos) to be part of a commercial she was shooting for a new series about children and fitness. The ad will be on the local news on Monday!

Before the race. I did a pretty good job of matching my outfit!

Even my blue gloves matched! The girl just to the left of me (with the big smile) is one of my OT students, Andrea. We ran together (that is until about the 3rd lap through the park when I started to slow down and she started to pick it up. I told her, "GO!" and boy did she. She did awesome! Go Andrea!)

Who wouldn't be inspired to do their best when they see this little cutie along the course?

Or this little cutie holding his hand-made sign?

Here I come around the corner - just starting my last lap through the park. You can see Andrea just ahead of me in the pink.

I'm pretty sure I was gasping for air on this shot.

Always my favorite race photo - the 'I'm done and back with my gang!' photo!

I finished 8th in my age category (not sure total # in age group) and 207th overall. Once the official stats are posted, I can update this!
My goals for this race were:
1. Finish
2. Try my hardest to come in somewhere close to my best time (26:22). I wasn't sure I could do it, but really wanted to end the year with a PR.
I did get my PR!
Great year!
Happy 2011!

2011 goals coming soon! Have a few things in mind; some BIG, some small.

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