Monday, January 17, 2011


If this were my Facebook page, it might read:
Amy Hudkins wants a new mantra.....any suggestions?

Post sumpin'....let me know....
what's that one line (or many lines) that gets you going? or gets you through?

Also, think about becoming a 'follower' of my blog -
I feel like I create posts just for me, but my 'visitor log' says otherwise.
I'm just wonderin' who reads this blog.
Thanks. Happy Monday, Happy blog-reading, Happy MLK day.


Hetrick family said...

No mantra from me. Sorry. I'll try and come up with something inspirational. I can't top you and your "My boys, my inspiration" though.

Allison said...

No Mantra for me either, but you ROCK, Amy! Just thought I would share that.....