Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm going to be headed out for a 4-miler this morning (that's what's on my training guide, but I may just try to go a tad further than that:).
I'm meeting my BFF @ the gym this morning and we're going to kick some butt on the treadmills!
Then we're head into the office for about 1 hour - semester starts tomorrow @ 9am (yikes) and the syllabus has a slight change; instead of not needing to teach until Tuesday afternoon, I now need to be prepared to teach tomorrow! No biggie - my run will help put that all into perspective!

I spent a little time this weekend 'blog-snooping' and found some new blogs to follow. Reading blogs takes a lot of time, but the inspiration that I get from reading them is well worth it. I am continually amazed at how many healthy, fit, sporty Moms are out there attempting to make strides in their running routines.
I must say that my motivation for running has not dwindle in the least, but my focus on nutrition and weight loss has taken a bit of a hit - for the past 3 months I've just hovered around the same weight - I go up a pound or 2, then go down a pound or 2. In some respects, it's good because at least I've figured out how to maintain, but now it's time to start bringing that number down again.

Tomorrow I will be starting my food log -this always helps me get my weight in check. I think it's because I feel more accountable for what goes in my mouth when I know I have to write it down. Probably somewhere in the back (no, probably in the front) of my mind, I have a fear that someone will see my log and evaluate my eating habits, therefore making me want to have a nice-lookin' food log!

Check out some of the blogs I have listed on the right side column - good stuff!

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