Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Place

In every race, there's gotta be someone who finishes last. Tonight, that person was me.
We went to a 1-mile run/race this evening @ Saint Francis . It was an 'all levels of walkers/runners welcome' for a 1-mile test run/race. Well, let's just say that everyone that showed up was there for an 'all-out-run,' also known as 'tryin' for a sub 5:00 mile' run. Whereas, my pace is more like, 'this isn't going to be pretty or fast.' I originally planned on running the mile with my boys, but ended up running in the actual 'race.'
The best part was meeting up with some of my friends, who are all runners and better @ running than me. We ran a little to warm up and when we got to the start line, I tried to take the pressure off of them and me by stating, "I'm gonna take one for the team and finish last, so no worries!"
And I did!
But I'm not bummed because my 1-mile time was 7:47 - I'm THRILLED with that time. It felt so good to accomplish that, even if I was last across the line. The best thing about finishing last is that all the other runners are there cheering you on.

Me (in blue) warming up with my friends. We called ourselves the geriatric runners because the other female runners were all college-age runners (part of the track team). Of course, one of the geri-runners won our heat - Kate came in 1st in just a little over 5:00 - wow!

The kiddos waiting around for their 'heat.' They got to run a stretch of the track and their prize was a chocolate-chip cookie (lucky ducks).

 Go boys! Jackson's always checking to see who's chasing him :)

 H2O time (the chocolate milk refuel came a little later :)

Time on my watch. So think about it - I finished last with a 7:47 mile. Yeah, there were some pretty fast runners out there tonight!

Chasing his cookie with some Gatorade!

In every race, there's a winner and 'laster' (I refuse to say loser because I finished and in my mind, that's not losing) - tonight it was me. Ironically, finishing last turned out to be one of my best times!

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