Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gotta Get on the Right Track

I really need some structure in the fitness area of my life. My runs have been somewhat haphazard - kind of. Vacation really got me off track; yes, I was exercising daily, but nothing major. I definitely noticed it when I got home. I need to get on the right track:
Structure = race goals
Race goals = Picking a race to train for
Race to train for = Pittsburgh's Great Race
Pittsburgh's Great Race = September 25, 2011

This gives me exactly 8 weeks to train so I signed up for the 10k!
Training started yesterday with some cross training and weights.
Today was a running day. I was scheduled for 3 miles and I did about 3.75!

I'm pretty pumped to get back onto a training plan. It's Day 2 of training and I can already tell I'm going to appreciate the increase in structure in this part of my life.

In other news, soccer practices started tonight! That means that Tuesdays and Thursdays get a little extra workout included since I'm coaching again this year! Here's me with Jackson last year:

All is good with the world!

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