Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I had a really nice conversation with a friend of mine today. I don't see her often, but when I do, we usually chat about our fitness goals and challenges and how we work exercise/fitness into our daily (or not so daily:) routines. We went back and forth about how it's so important to find your own happy medium and not compare yourself to others and their levels of fitness.
That conversation was important to me because it totally reminded me of WHY my health is important to me:

1. This man. He is amazing and loves us like crazy. Here's a recent picture of him coaching Jude's soccer team (with no prior background in soccer - that's love)!

2. This little guy who is getting really good at sneaking the camera and doing some self-portraits!

3. This big boy who I admire because of his kind heart and love of nature.

Thank you boys for being my everything.
It really doesn't matter the # of miles I run per week.
It really doesn't matter the # of times I run per week.
It really doesn't matter how many seconds I can shave (or add) @ the races.
What matters is YOU guys!
Love you!

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