Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying Healthy on Vacation

For most of us, vacation is a time to let go - of stress, daily routines, structure, discipline. I definitely view it as this except  in the exercise area. We just returned from a few days away and I'm really proud to say that I exercised everyday. I didn't go crazy, but I committed myself to 20 minutes a day. A few days I did more and, yes, one of those days included a trip to Starbucks as my route, but it was still important for me to keep my commitment.
Some highlights from vacation:

Picking out organic bananas from Whole Foods.
Yes, Whole Foods is a highlight - our closest one is 2 hours away)

My first visit to a Lululemon store (with Jude standing outside )!

Supper @ Hooper's!

Family bike ride on the boardwalk

My motivation for staying healthy!

What a great time.

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