Saturday, July 2, 2011

July - Bring IT!

I had high hopes of rolling outta bed early this morning for a run (you see where this is going already, right?). BUT (yep, here comes the lousy excuse as to why I slept in and didn't do an early morning run - read on, though, it does get better, at least in my opinion), my calves hurt like heck after an express circuit class yesterday; so I shut the alarm off, rolled over, and decided to 'figure it all out later.'

Later ended up being not too much later as I decided to try a run around 10am-ish. I planned a 3-miler somewhere kinda flat, but ended up running near my house, which is all hills - yeah, that felt great on the aching gastrocks! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do the 3 miles of hills, but I ended up finishing it in 29:09 - not great, but I felt hugely accomplished - I powered through a few hills, I felt stronger on this run than any other run I've  had since 'rehab,' and it allowed me to set my goals for my upcoming race!
WHAT? A RACE? That's a word I haven't mentioned in quite some time. More about my race goals soon. Back to this run. I sweat like crazy, I felt nauseous at times, I turned beet-red. Sounds like torture, but honestly, it was exactly.what.I.needed.

I've been waiting for that 1 good run that would let me know that I'm getting back on track and I think today may have been it. Now I'm getting excited to race.......

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