Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hellish. Hot. Hills.

That was yesterday's workout. Since I was feeling so good coming off of Monday's race, I decided to keep the momentum going with some hill repeats.
Although hills are killers on the legs and lungs, I've decided to start making hill repeats one of my regular workouts during the week. I think hills help my training so much, as evidenced by the ability to conquer the hills of Monday's race.

Anyway, I decided to run a route that was almost 1 mile in length that had a long, long upgrade that leveled off and then continued up another short hill. I did that 3 times - it almost did me in. But then, I decided that wasn't enough, so I found another route, shorter, but with a much steeper hill (I'm talking like a 10% grade) and circled it 3 times- once running and the other 2 times I combo ran-walked it.

Good workout. Feeling it today!

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