Monday, July 4, 2011

Race Recap

The short of the long: I blew Goal A out of the water :)
I'm a happy gal.
B-tag time: 27:10
I'm so happy with that time.

I was just a tad nervous this morning, but everything went according to plan and Jeremy and I managed to get the gang ready and out the door in plenty of time.

This is the biggest race (in number of participants) that I run, so arriving too early would've made me even more nervous, so we got there, wandered around, found some of my running friends. I was glad to see all the people who said they were running - seeing all my running buddies helped calm the nerves (yes, I was lying in the previous paragraph about being a 'tad' nervous).

Time to line up - the most nerve-wracking part of the run. Gun went off -I started off slow, but felt OK about that.
It wasn't long (like 2 minutes into the race) until we were on top of the first bridge and back down the other side. I continued to keep what I thought was a slower pace, but another racer mentioned something about a sub 8-minute mile #1, so I knew that I was way ahead of pace - awesome, on one hand, but on the other hand, I knew I couldn't maintain it (and I also knew the upgrades were still on the list of things-to-do). I did slow it down some, especially on the slow/long upgrade. I caught up with a friend and we ran for a while - I think it helped both of us at a critical time of the run (hill/bridge/long stretch). Before I knew it, I was running the last long stretch (which seems to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r)  - this is where most of the spectators watch- fun!
"Look, here comes Momma!"

And, sure enough, here I come......

Quick smile to the guys (once I saw them, I initially wanted to just stop running and go hang with them. Then, shortly after passing them, something came over me and I just got the urge to power ahead and sprinted the last leg of the run - that was awesome, it was the first time I ever got that last minute power).
.....and there I go!

Comin in the home stretch - feeling really good, except a little neaseous (what's up with that?).
Honestly, I had a feeling I could beat last year's time, but I never expected to within 10 seconds of a sub-27:00 finish time, especially with this being my first race post-injury.
The main thing that made the boys happy was the amount of vehicles around - the city firetruck was the best, though!
What's next? Isn't that always the question????????

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