Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last Day as 3 and Race Goals

 It's July 3rd. Today is Jude's last day of being a 3 year-old - tomorrow is his golden birthday - 4 on the 4th! We'll kick of his special day with an early rise time to head out to my race (poor little guy can't even sleep in on his special day). This is is photo of us @ King's this morning - we went out for breakfast - Jude had scrambled eggs and french fries.....

Tomorrow is the annual 4th of July run in Altoona. This race is kinda significant for me in several ways:
1. It will be my first race post injury. It makes me nervous just writing about it - can't imagine how I'll feel in the morning.
2. This will be the race race that I'm running for the second time. Since I'm still a newbie runner and last year was the first time for racing, I haven't run any race twice .....yet.
3. That brings me to reflecting and trying to figure out my goals for tomorrow:

Goal A: Beat my time of last year - 28:20 + no walk breaks
Goal B: Finish between 28:21 and 29:30+ no more than 2 walk breaks
Goal C: Finish between 29:31 and 30:00+ no more than 2 walk breaks

Based on my recent runs I know Goal C is very do-able. I know that Goal B is very possible. I am hoping that Goal A will happen - I feel good about the race BUT I also know that I haven't had the amount of training that I was hoping for.

These are photos of me after yesterday's run . I was sweating just a tad.
And then my photo op moment passed and I really didn't want any more photos taken, but glad the guy behind the camera kept shooting b/c this will remind me how hard I've been working. Go ahead, laugh a little, or a lot.
Race recap tomorrow! Happy 4th!

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