Saturday, April 2, 2011

It Helps

I should be in the car, on my way to my first 1/2 marathon adventure but as you've read in my previous posts, after 2 weeks of debating, I decided to put it on hold.

It really sucks to come to that decision after the intense weeks of training and feeling fine throughout. I keep thinking, "Why couldn't all of this wait 2 weeks?" and "maybe if I would've just trained up to 10 or 11 miles, this wouldn't have happened," and "I wonder if people are going to think I'm a loser or a quitter?"

That last question seems to be bothering me the most. It's been answered many times over, by friends and family. Obviously no one is going to tell me, "Yeah, Amy, I think you should just go out there and try it even though you might have pain in your knee for 10 miles." Everyone has been so supportive and through all the comments, I think I'm going to be OK with it (except around 11am this morning - when all the other halfers are lined up and taking off). I think it's important for me to share some of the words that I've gotten - you need to know how supportive my family and friends are and I need a place where I can put all those comments (just in case I need to come back to reread them -like @ 11am this morning- when all the other halfers are lined up and taking off).

"Take care of your knee now so you can continue to run long term." - Jeremy

"It's just a learning experience. In a long running career there are bound to be injuries. Now you'll have your first 'missed race' under your belt and you can move on."  - Sue C.

"You also know now that you can do all the training and get to the point where you are ready for a [big] race."  - Sue C

"Sorry to hear about the 1/2 marathon - but just think, you already have so many miles under your belt this early in the year!! You can maintain those miles pretty well."  -Sarah

"It's kinda like you did all your chores but don't get to eat ice cream..... ie. you did all the training during the crappy weather but don't get to race."  -Mike 

"Welcome to the world of running!"  - Art

"No need to be embarrassed. You are going great with it. "  -Sandy
"I am so sorry!! But you know what?!.....welcome to running!! :) It happens, and you taking care of your body first means only one are officially a TRUE runner!! It is only a race!!!! There will be many more!!! ;)
The worst thing you can do is get caught up in the frustration and disappointment of it all. "All that work" not for nothing. You can still count all you have accomplished and take great pride in how far you have come.
It is SO much better to take care of your body, than to really cause damage and miss months of running. It is a little hiccup---and really, it is just a part of this sport you have come to love. I guarantee you won't find a runner out there that doesn't have a story of training for SOMETHING--only to sprain an ankle in the yard, get food poisoning or something equally ridiculous that ruins the big day. But you get better and you hit the road again. The good news is, Spring is right around the corner, and with it LOTS of opportunities to race!!"

"So sorry!
That is just such a bummer, I know. Injuries are the worst. But, sometimes you need a layoff for whatever reason and you end up coming back even stronger. I hope that is the case!"

"First of all, you are not a failure if you do not run race! Look at all you have done in the past year...failure is the last thing you are. It is just one race...there will be more! You know you are able to survive the training and you have run a half already...timed race or not! just see how you feel this week. If you have to walk more than you thought big deal...if you just can't do big deal. you don't want to mess yourself up for a longer time period if you push it too far!"   -Christa

So, of course in runner fashion, I'm thinking WHAT'S NEXT? When can I run again? I think I'm going to consult with PT and get on a 'rehab' track and in the mean time, just cross train like hell so I can maintain some level of fitness. Then it'll be back on the roads running all over the place and feeling good again.

So in 2 hours, when the halfers line up and I'm not there, I will be rereading this post because

Thanks xoxo



Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

When it started running the following comment was said to me when I brought up injury,

"Its not a matter of will I get injured its a matter of when"

We can do our best to try to prevent injury but it can still happen. In the end you made the right choice. There will be other races and other opportunities.

Hetrick family said...

I love your support group and I am so honored to be a part of it!!