Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mechanical Flaw

I went to PT on Thursday and after evaluating my gait, leg strength, and running style, the PT thinks that I have a "mechanical flaw." Of course! A flaw - I should've known.
Here's the quick of the long:
1. Muscle strength is good. He said my right hamstrings and glutes are a little weaker than the lefts.
2. Range of motion - not an issue.
3. When I walk, my right hip externally rotates a little; it does it a little less when I jog and even a little less when I run faster.
3. My shoes are probably fine.
4. I over pronate (roll my foot inward when it hits the ground) - more on the right than on the left.
5. All of the tests he did on my knee couldn't produce pain, pretty much ruling out meniscus issues (thank goodness).
6. Could reproduce pain upon running.

Summary - I have pain in my left knee because my right leg is a little weird! Surprise - I'm weird!
He recommended a trip to the podiatrist to look into custom-made orthotics for my shoes - something rigid to keep me from overpronating.
I have an appointment for this coming Wednesday!
I gotta get back on track - the Cresson 5K is less than a month away.

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