Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 7 (a little late;)

Hey - it's better late than never -
here's the way my week went last week:

Monday - Run 6.0 miles in 57:06 - pretty happy with that run :)

Tuesday - Stationary bike 2.30 miles in 10:39 + 30:00 of ab work

Wednesday - Run 6.30 miles OUTSIDE in 62:00 - this was my first time running outside this year. I clocked 125.68 miles on the treadmill since Christmas. Being outside running was such a wonderful change of pace :)

Thursday - Run 5..30 miles in 50:00 OUTSIDE again! I really had to take the opportunity of the beautiful weather.

Friday - 30:00 minutes of arms work

Saturday - Run 7.34 in 1:10:00

Sunday -rest day :)


* Mileage wasn't as high as last week, BUT I had more longer/regular runs and that makes me happy because I'm building my body up to expect regular runs to be longer than 3 miles
* I was actually scared to run outside - hell after being a slave to the dreadmill, I didn't know what my body could handle outside - I thought my lungs would explode, I thought my knees would give out, BUT it was great and I really needed that change of pace/scenery/ mood! Can't wait to make outside runs my 'usual' again.

Looking ahead:
* Well, seeing that I'm already 1/2 way through this week's training, I don't really have a significant 'plan.' I am kinda switching up my training plan pretty significantly - I'll comment on that in the next update!

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