Sunday, February 27, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 8 Update

Not a long post today, but kinda an exciting one!

Monday - Run 11.0 miles in 1hour: 48 minutes   :)
Tuesday - Shovel snow for 30 minutes (hey, it counts)
Wednesday - Run 4.0 miles in 35:00 minutes + 12:00 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday - Run 3.64 in 35:00
Friday - Run 4.0 miles in 38:17 minutes
Sat/Sun - rest days.


* Totally thrilled with my big run - PDR (personal distance record) to date!
* No weights this week - kinds bummed, but my wrist has been hurting, so I didn't want to mess with any weights.
* Overall distance not so great, but see first reflection and you'll come to the conclusion that I'm still pretty OK with this week's accomplishments!
* I'm shifting my strategy a little. One week I will be running a LONG run and every other run that week will be shorter (between 3-5 miles). The next week I will run all of my runs a little longer (between 5-6 miles) and my longest run will max at somewhere around 7-8 miles. This new strategy will pretty much put me in a position to score (1) 13-miler before the actual race, which is something I'd like to know I can do before I go out and try it on race day.

Looking ahead:
* This week is spring break @ work, but I'm going to try and remained focused on running/training.
* Looks like I might be able to score a run or 2 outside :)
* Massage is scheduled for Tuesday -ahhhh!

When things get tough, these are the motivators I need to remember :0

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