Sunday, February 6, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 5 (5m is the new 5K)

Here I am, 5 weeks in and my focus is on "adding up the miles." I'm trying to make even my short runs longer than usual. It seems that 5-miles runs have become the new 5K (3.1 miles) 'regular' run for me. Once again, I'm off my prescribed training schedule, but feeling good with the way things are going, so I'm just gonna go with it for now.

Monday - Run 4.53 miles in 44:30 + 20 minutes of arms and abs work

Tuesday - 30 minutes of arms and abs work

Wednesday  -Run 3.0 miles in 28:14

Thursday - Run 5.0 miles in 48:27

Friday - Run 7.1 miles in 70:00 (I usually save my long run for Sunday, but with the way the weather has been and various weekend plans, I was glad to get a 5+ miler in on Friday)

Saturday - rest :)

Sunday - Run 5.3miles in 50:00

TOTAL MILES: 24.93 (now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!).

* I wanted to up my miles this week - check! I'm up 5 miles this week. I know it's because I got my longer run in in Friday and my 5-miler today put me over the top!
* I started using the treadmill in my department - it never gets used. It's not as fancy-Nancy as the ones I'm used to using, but you know what? It doesn't shut off after 35:00, and no one is ever waiting to use it, so I'm happy to give it some action!

Looking ahead:
* High hopes of scoring at least an 8-miler this week (hopefully earlier than Sunday) and keeping near or over 24 weekly miles.
* Crank up the water intake - I've been so slacking in this area and I know it's so important.
* Dreaming of a 10-miler soon - my reward for that is a massage! I'm not certain it will happen this week, but maybe next week?
* Also dreaming of getting OUTSIDE. I want and need the running challenges the outside gives me, but I'm a wimpy, cold runner, so I'll be running the belt unless there's decent weather.

Thanks for reading!

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