Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Sidelines

Today was the Cresson Area Heritage Days 5K - this was the 1st race I ran last year (and ever). I was super-excited to run my 'sophomore run' today, but my darn knee had other plans for me.
I was all signed up to run, but decided no to run, or even walk it. Instead, I went to the race and cheered on all my friends who did run or walk the course.
Being on the sidelines has its benefits:
 *You get to see the fastest runner finish (today's 1st-place finisher came in somewhere around 19:00 - that's a crazy time that I'll never see unless I'm standing on the sidelines).
 *You get to cheer every.single.runner across the finish line.
*You get to watch the thrill (and sometimes frustration) of those crossing the finish line.
*Most importantly, you get to realize that it's not all about 'you.' Runners need a lot of support!
It really took a lot for me to go there today, watch everyone line up, take off, and come back across the finish line. Each person that crossed that finish line had a reason for running/walking today and it was really eye-opening to see that in action. I'm so used to just going out that and being so fixed on my start, my pace, my time, my finish, etc....
Congrats to my friends who raced, placed, finished!

Me with Christa (who scored a nice trophy for 3rd female overall with a time of 23:32) and Sandy (who placed 1st in her age category with a time of 26:24). You gals are so inspiring - can't wait to get back on the race circuits with you 2!

Also want to give a shout out to my good friend, Sue C, who walked the 5k and asked (as she was crossing the finish line) for me not to take a photo :) She did great and I was thrilled to hang out with her @ McD's after the event.

Being a cheerleader in today's race really made me realize how much I enjoy running and need to get my focus on healing the knee (sounds like a mantra - 'heal the knee').

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