Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sure-Fire Ways of Ruining your Diet on Picnic Day

1. Start Early - get up good n' early in order to maximize your time for calorie consumption - then get right on to #2.

2. Eat breakfast - load up on carbs - you're going to need the energy for the long day of picnic activities.

3. Load up on diet sodas - this will ensure a good level of dehydration, high sodium retention, and increased thirst. It also helps to ensure a high likelihood of the afternoon bloat!

4. A word about exercise: you'll most likely be making many trips from the picnic table to the food table - count each trip as exercise :)
You should probably focus on moving as little as possible b/c of the heat - you don't want to overdo it!.

5. Graze - the food will be out all day, so eat several many smaller meals.

6. Eat a variety of colors - I found cupcakes with red/white/blue icing and sprinkles - these cupcakes paired with the numerous other items you'll be consuming will ensure a plethora of vitamins and minerals.

7. Lemon bars count as a fruit!

8. Salt - its' the spice of life - use liberally. Not only will it make everything taste a little better, but it'll help promote that 'puffy' feeling in the evening and it's a great way to ensure your rings won't fall off your fingers!

9. Don't skip supper. Just because you've been eating all day, you should plan to eat a nice supper. Be sure it's a balanced meal and includes dessert. Hey - treat yourself, it's a picnic!

10. Don't worry about calories. When you eat in social situations, calories don't count :)

Follow these 10 simple steps and in no time you'll realize how far off your fitness routine you are...........

Obviously, I overdid it today. Tomorrow is a new day and water will be my friend! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

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