Sunday, March 6, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 9 (can't believe it)

Wow - reality check....When I made up my training guide, it seems like Week 9 was so far away, but here we are!

Monday -         Run 6.39 miles in 60:00 minutes
Tuesday -         MASSAGE :) highlight of the week
Wednesday -    Run 6.4 miles in 60:00 minutes
Thursday -        Run 2.0 miles in 18:20 + 3.0 miles on the elliptical in 30:08 minutes
Friday -            Run 10.01 miles in 1:35:30 (that's a 9:32 pace for 10 miles - score!)
Saturday -        Rest
Sunday -          Rest

TOTAL MILES: 24.80 (+ the 3 miles on the elliptical)

* I didn't plan on my long run being 10 miles, but it was, and that makes me happy!
* I didn't plan on 2 rest days, but there were, and that doesn't make me so happy...
* It was a great week overall and I feel stronger on every run! It's also been a great weekend and the reason I took 2 rest days this weekend is #1 - baby shower for my best friend! and #2 a visit to our friends that we haven't seen since last summer -both events well worth 2 rest days :) Friends - love them - I promise, spending the quality time with them will motivate me far beyond a couple of extra miles on the treadmill :)
* No outside running this week like I had hoped.....
* I don't think I realized how much time I'd have to invest into training for this race - wow! I can't imagine people who run marathons. Don't get me wrong, it's a wise time investment and I am excited to put it all in to action in a few weeks. This month is going to be busier @ work too, so I'm being double whammied.

Looking ahead:
* This is my "B" week, meaning most runs will be short with a bigger long run @ week's end!
* 26 days till the race - probably going to book our hotel room this week and start to look at more of the logistical stuff for race day (clothing, music, fuel, etc).

Enjoy some photos of my Assistant Baker! We were making healthy banana bread muffins!
Whole wheat flour
Baking soda
Flax seeds
Apple sauce
Egg whites
Cinnamon (of course)

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