Monday, March 14, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 10

Wow! What a week. I went from 'not really feeling it' and 'wanting to change it up a bit' to PDR (personal distance record). I guess the 'wanting to change it up a bit' was exactly what I needed for my successful end-of-the-week LR (long run).

Sometimes it's still hard for me to believe that 1 year ago I couldn't run more than a mile or so without feeling like I was going to die. This is all coming so full circle and on April 2 rolls around, I just hope I'm not too emotional to keep my focus. The synchronicity of it all is amazing - I started running April 2, 2010 and now I'm running a 1/2 marathon on April 2, 2011! Yay!

As I write this, I'm sitting at home. On a Monday. Not at work. I was in much need of some extra zzzzz's and some heavy-duty stretching (i.e. babying my legs) - here's why:

Monday - Run 2.0 miles in 19:09 (Mondays are 10-hour days @ work during March, so I was just looking to squeeze in whatever I could)

Tuesday - Run 4.0 miles in 36:17

Wednesday - 1.86 miles on the elliptical in 20:00 + 20:00 of arms/legs/abs circuit training

Thursday - Run 4.0 miles in 37:18 + 11:00 on the Bike + 11:41 on the gliding elliptical/stair thingie. This was the day that I was craving some other sort of activity - still got my run in, but the bike and gliding elliptical thingie provided that extra diversion I was looking for!

Friday - Walked 2.74 miles on the treadmill - this was my 'just not feeling it today' day.

Saturday - Run 2.0 miles in 19:09 OUTSIDE. The weather is finally breaking! I need to be out in nature. It was also exactly what I needed given my attitude all week toward training .

Sunday - Run 12.0 (yep, 12, not 1.2) in 1:58:40. I almost peed typing this! I was not feeling that big of a run when I hit the gym, but it turned out that way. Yes, it was on the treadmill, but I figure if my mind can endure almost 2 hours on the treadmill, that's good training! AND, I still kept it under a 10 min/mile (avg was 9:53min/mile - I'll take it).

TOTAL MILES Run: 24.0 + all the other 'miles' generated in other ways!

* Got a 1st-hand anatomy lesson as I discovered exactly where my IT (iliotibial) bands are -ouchy. My knees started aching through the night last night and by morning the pain, esp in my right knee, practically brought me to tears. Hence, my semi-sick day today. I've been RICEing all day today and feel some relief - so glad it's just overuse and not an injury.
* Obviously change is good sometimes and I learned to just listen to my body - more running doesn't make me a better runner, necessarily. Sometimes I just need to change it up!

Looking ahead:
*Trying to recruit my friend to go on my LR with me this weekend.
*My LR this week will be my longest, after this, I start to taper. Wow! I never thought I'd actually be using a big word like 'taper.'

Here we go into week 11!

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Hetrick family said...

SO AWESOME AIM!!! I cannot believe you did 12 miles on a treadmill!! My hat is off to you!! :):) You are going to do AMAZING on your half :) Keep up the great work!