Friday, March 25, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 11

Shame on me for posting this so late. This week has proven to be a challenge with a hurting knee and a nasty cold ( can't be happening now! It all needs to wait a couple of weeks).

Monday: Rest day BIG TIME -that 12 miler proved to be a bigger challenge than I was expecting
Tuesday: Run 3.01 miles in 29:00
Wednesday: Walk on treadmill for 20:00 and gliding eliptical for 20:00
Thursday: Run ~ 8.2 miles around Loretto - I had to estimate my mileage based on time
Friday: Walk 50:00 minutes
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Run 13.1 miles with my good buddy Amy F. I did it, I ran a 1/2 marathon - woot! woot! (that's what all the cool college students always write in their emails when they're excited about something:)

TOTAL MILES: 24.4 + all the other things I did.

This was my survival pile of stuff that I laid out prior to my long run (somehow I knew I'd need this stuff): water, Ibuprofen, ice pack, knee wrap, banana, snacks!

The water and Ibuprofen turned out to be what I needed most :( 

Me and my friend, Amy F. She is an amazing woman - a mom of 4 young girls, a marathoner, a motivator, just an all-around awesome person. Thank God for her - I called her, she immediately said "yes" to a long run, and kept me going the entire 13 miles.

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