Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - Year in Review (in photos)

This is the time to look back and review all the successes and failures of the year. 2012 brought me a fair share of both successes and failures, as far as fitness and running goes.
I am working on analyzing my 2012 goals  -that will be a different post.
For now, I decided to post 12 pictures - 1 for each month of 2012 that highlight (or low-light) the year.
Healthy waffles with homemade fruit puree

Half marathon training with Sandy

Saint Patty's Day run with friends

HUGE accomplishment - 13.1 - CHECK!

Finishing Cresson 5k

Beautiful morning run before work

4th of July 15k - I look happy but it's only b/c I was done. This one went down as my worst run e-v-e-r

Looking tough

Leaving for a run from my parents' house

DiSepio Fitness Challenge 5k Halloween weekend

2 mile Turkey Trot - earned a 2nd place finish (lost 1st place by 1 second)

And finally, the Twilight 5k - that's tomorrow!

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