Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back and Ahead

I just finished my 3rd year of my 'getting healthier' adventure!
2012 was a good year for me. 1 year ago, I set some goals (written in black) and now it's time to see how I did (written in blue)!
1. Run more than 600 miles. If I keep up my miles as I did this year, I should accomplish this goal, no problem! Success! I logged (if I counted correctly) 761.76 miles running and 260.49 on the Expresso bike at the gym! Signing up and training for those longer distance races is how I was able to meet this goal.
2. Finish a 'bigger' race. This would be anything longer than a 10k, since that's the longest run I've done up to this point. Will it be a 10.1k? Maybe a 15k? We'll see. The key word in this goal is finish. Check! I ran a total of (6) 5Ks, (1) 2-miler, (1) 10K, (1) 15K, and 1 half marathon in 2012! That's a huge accomplishment for me!
3. PR in a 5k. This is a goal that, a year from now, I might be re-reading and think, "What was I thinking?" But by putting this in writing, I know it will encourage me to incorporate speed work into my training - that's the reason it's in here. Fail! I really didn't think this would happen, but it did encourage me to put some speed training into my workouts. I did, however, PR on the SFU 5k course in April (with a time of 27:25). I guess I can also say I PR'd in a 1/2M in April :)
4. Increase my # of group runs. I usually run alone, but in the few times that I've run with someone or a group of people, I realized how much fun it is, so I want to do it more. Check. I also ran my 1st race with a race buddy - Amy! Thank goodness for her or I don't think I would've finished the 1/2M.
5. (Most important for me) Be smart. I need to keep in mind that more is not better and that I need not take myself so seriously. After being out of the running circuit for almost 2 months in 2011 because of my knee injury (due to me being an idiot and over-training), I realized that I need to have balance in my training (enter my Hal Higdon training plans - which I will follow this time). Check! I really feel like I'm starting to come into my own wisdom with running. By the time 2012 ended, I really started to feel like a runner - someone who knows what's best for their own body and mind!
So - this only leaves 1 question - what's next?That'll be in the next post (read as 'I haven't solidified 2013 plans yet') - maybe I should work on procrastination ;)
In the mean time, enjoy the picture of the bling I earned, to my surprise, at last evening's Twilight Race with a time of 24:25 - 2nd best time on this course!
2nd place in my age category - not too shabby :)


Hetrick family said...

Follow Hal...YOU WILL P.R.


Hetrick family said...

Supposed to be a ! Not a ?