Sunday, October 28, 2012

SFU 5K Race Report

Yesterday was the annual DiSepio Institute's 5k challenge.
I thought it would be great to pass the challenge along to my class of senior OT students - I got all "this would be a great health and wellness activity for us to do as a group" on them.
About 12 (out of 38) took me up on it! I was thrilled. So I was pretty pumped to run this race, even though it's my least favorite race course to run (4 significant hills) but one of the best organized and everyone gets a ribbon upon crossing the finish line. Yesterday was also World Occupational Therapists Day - so it was perfect!
An elevation map of the course -notice how it ends - UP!
I was also thrilled because Jude wanted to run the kids' race. I signed him up and he got a bib and an official race tee shirt (which is one of the best race tee shirts ever)!
Before our races

There were about 12-15 kiddos in Jude's race. They ran it twice since it was just a couple hundred yards. Jude finished 3rd both times. Kids ranged from 3-9 years of age.
Look at him go (man, does he love this picture)!

The 5k started on time. Once again, I was chatting and being oh-so casual when the gun went off and caught me off guard. I really gotta work on getting my head in the game and keeping my yapper shut.
Although I claim to not like this course very much, there are certain things I do like about it: Jeremy and the boys get to see me for the entire 1st mile (we run 2 laps around the campus mall), so that's always comforting and motivating. Another thing I like is that the course is pretty and offers lots to look at along the way.
Here I am all smiles. Maybe I was enjoying myself? Maybe I was trying to look 'good' since I was in front of the chapel (hey, every little bit helps). Notice my 'outfit' - it's Halloween weekend. I knew running in costume wasn't a possibility, so I donned arm tattoo sleeves and fun socks. I really think it helped!
And there I go

Oh sweet Jesus, my favorite part of the race - finish line!
I crossed in 27:54
Obviously not my best time, but anything under 28:00 on this course is a success in my mind.

One of my habits (whether it be good or annoying) is standing near the finish line and cheering other runners in, especially friends. I stood and cheered in all of my students (those few who didn't finish before me) and also some of my friends who were running their 1st 5k. My friend, Missy, was one of those 1st-timers. Her kiddos were excited to see her come across the line!
Me with 2 of my friends - Sherri and Missy - both of them got their 1st 5k under their belt! Congrats girls!
Me with 2 of my students - also 1st timers on the 5k race circuit.
Race stats:
Time: 27:54
Age category (Female 31-40): 4th out of??? (need to figure it out)


Hetrick family said...

Wow, been so long since I've seen SFU. You look great Amy. I am jealous of your students. Getting to see you so much ;) Loved your outfit!! LOVED Jude's stride and SMILE!!!

HudkinsFamily said...

Thanks Aim! The next time you're anywhere near this area, we'll plan a run on campus - it'll be like a tour since the campus looks nothing like it did in your day.