Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10k Race Report

Last big(ger) race of the year is in the books!

Saturday was the Hollidaysburg 10k/half marathon race. I picked the 10k because I knew all of my training would have to share time with the start of school (and semester for me) and soccer season. My training went well and I was excited to get to the race Saturday morning.
After fretting about the weather all week, I woke up Saturday morning to almost perfect race conditions - cool (mid 50s), overcast but dry. It was pretty windy, but not a worry.

My A goal for this race was 56:00-56:59 minutes. I was pretty sure I could pull that off. Arriving at the race, I got to catch up with a lot of familiar faces in the local running community- that totally calmed my nerves (and boy, let me tell you they were riding high that morning - it's like I never raced before).

Somehow, through all my chattiness, I ended up pretty close to the front of the line-up (1st mistake). 8:00am hit an we were off! The course is fairly hilly the entire route but starts with a slight grade - to which many runners passed me (duh!). My mapmyrun app was on, so I was getting pacing updates. Mile 1 hit and Chica (that's what I named the voice that updates my paces through the app) told me I was running an 8:14 pace. Wow! I would've never guessed. That's way too fast for me (I could keep that pace for a 5k, but not so much in this race). I knew I needed to slow down or I'd crash and burn. So I slowed a little. The rest of the course was pretty uneventful - I managed to keep a decent pace, mixing in some walk breaks (thanks to bolting out at the start I seemed to lose steam, not to mention the hills).

The elevation lay out  - I'd call that a little more than 'rolling' hills

Hey Amy (there in the center of the screen with the grey shirt)! 
Maybe you'd be more effective if
#1 you turn around to face the right direction and
 #2 stop chatting! 

Fact check: I'm not in there :)

Before I knew it, I was cresting the last hill (with a few choice words for it) and making my way toward the finish line - always my favorite part of the race because I always see my guys there waiting for me! I could see the time clock and knew that I could hit my time goal - so of course, I picked up the pace a little. I crossed in (officially) 55:33! Score, check! Under my A goal! I ended up scoring a 3rd place finish in my age category and earning some bling by way of a medal :) Yay!

Here I come ( a big shout out to my sister who bought me the awesome tee shirt I was wearing - you can buy it here - the front has a list: Run Happy, Run Grumpy, Run Speedy, Run Slow, Run a little, Run a lot. The back says: Just Run)
There I go
Note the guy in the yellow shirt in the 2 pics above. We followed each other for about the last 2 miles - I'd be in front, then him. When we hit that last hill, I looked over to him and said, "Dude, this hill is our bitch - let's do this thing!" (sorry for the swearing - remember that I was 6 miles in and starting the steepest climb of the race).


Me with 2 running friends from work who also earned medals in their age categories!

Final Official Results:
Time: 55:33
3/9 female 35-39

The rest of 2012 brings 3 more 5k races - October 27th is up next!
Thanks for reading!

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Hetrick family said...

YAY AMY!!! :)
I loved this post.
"This hill is our bitch!" --love it!
I continue to be so proud and in awe of you!! Racing has fallen off the Hetrick radar of late. I am still running, but weekend time seems to be more and more precious and packed with activities. It's ok. I am loving running to run.
(That shirt is PERFECT. I may need to splurge for one for myself!)
Keep it up. Can't wait to read about the 27th.
I am going to go tell my laundry pile that she is my bitch. And after that, I'm going to tell that crappy pile of dishes the same ;) xo