Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race Week

It's the last day of September! What?!?
My last post was mid-August. Since then, well, life has been busy. We started soccer season and school. The days are getting shorter, as is the year.
For the past 8 weeks, I've been training for a 10k in Hollidaysburg. And now it's race week.
The race is Saturday. I ran this race 2 years ago and totally shocked myself with my time (54:25), taking 1st place in my age category. That is not my goal this time, rather, just run!
I've been following Hal Higdon's intermediate 10k plan and well, I'll be honest, it's been tough. I'm used to running 3-maybe 4 times per week. This plan is M-Th runs, Fridays off, Sat long run, and Sun cross training. Wow!
I've done OK following the plan.
My goals for this race:
A: 56:00 - 56:59
B: 57:00 - 57:59
C: 58:00 - 59:59
I really don't want to take more than 60 minutes to complete this race.
Some photos to prove that the past 2 months have been busy and that I'm not just dodging blogging!
1st day of school!

 Open house @ school


Ag Progress Days at Penn State (also known in our house as tractor fest)

College soccer games


Jackson turned 10! P-a-r-t-y!
Whew! It's a wonder I have time to run!
It's taper week :)


Hetrick family said...

YAY!! A post!! Good luck Aim!! YOu will do great!!

HudkinsFamily said...

Thanks Aim! I'm feeling good about it! Excited for it!