Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exactly What I Needed

I've kinda been MIA on here if ya haven't noticed.
I've been in a running slump (spoiler alert: I'm gonna whine and complain for a sentence or two - I won't be offended if you decide to click off the post now or just skip to the next paragraph). The 15k that I ran in July not only kicked my butt physically, but mentally. I've just felt defeated in my running - every run has been hard, distances have been short, pace has been slow, I missed quite a few days of running due to a house full of sicknesses(including my own respiratory virus).
I needed to get OUT of that slump.

So I showed up at a 5k race today, registered on site (it seems many of the runners had the same idea I did this morning and I barely made it through the registration process and to the start line in time - there's a lesson in here!), and ran my heart out - this was my chance to prove to myself that I'm ready to get back into the swing of things!

Gun went off, we were off, and I was moving pretty good. Nothing big to report - it all went pretty smoothly. Had to stop and tie my shoe(my new shoes - Brooks Ghost 5 - I'll comment on in another post) but other than that, I cruised in to the football stadium, rounded the last lap, and crossed the finish line in 26:40, earning me a 3rd place finish in my age group! And as the title of this post says, that's exactly what I needed!

No photos to show....just imagine me with a smile ;)


Hetrick family said...

Very proud of you.
Keep on truckin'

HudkinsFamily said...

Thanks Aim!

HudkinsFamily said...

I'm 99/9% sure I'll be starting a 10k training program next week for the Hollidaysburg 10k in early October.
Thinking Pittsburgh 1/2 next year.
Just want to let you know ;0