Saturday, July 7, 2012


A PW? What's a PW you ask?
Well if you can have a PB, or personal best, then you can have a PW, or a personal worst.
I can check a PW off my list of things to do because I scored a PW on Wednesday - the 4th of July 15k (9.3miles) race in Altoona.

Here I am before the race.
I actually felt pretty good about my training and I wasn't too nervous for the race/distance. Maybe I should have saved some of my crazy energy for the race...

And then we were off. the 9.3 miles took us from downtown Altoona across town to the Eldorado section of town and back. It was a hilly and challenging course and the heat/humidity played a significant factor in my energy levels.
Jeremy and I planned it out so that once I took off, he and the boys would drive to meet me at various points along the course. I'm so glad we did that because seeing them out on the course gave me motivation to keep going. They switched out my water bottles for me, offered me chap stick, ran along side of me, and cheered me on.
Sounds like a good race,yes?
So why the PW?
Official time: 1:36:22
Pace: 10:22
Female 35-39: 12/17
About 4 miles into the race, I felt like my energy was zapped and I started taking walk breaks. I did that pretty much the remainder of the race.
It was very hot and humid and I guess I just wasn't prepared to run in those conditions.
I was pretty well hydrated and I used up my fuel (pretzels and shot blox) along the way, so I know it wasn't water or carbs.
I walked through every water station and even if I didn't drink the water, I dumped it on myself to help cool down. Maybe the extra 5 pounds of wet clothes slowed me down?
I don't really feel like over analyzing what I did wrong or what I could've done better. I just know this is a race that I just want to put behind me.

It's hard to see me (in the purple) - this is just a little over the 1mile mark. Going strong at this point. my first mile was 9:06

About 4 miles in - this is when I started my walk breaks.

This is the home stretch. My mapmyrun app was reading 9.3 miles at this point (my app logged 9.64 miles for the race).

Coming into the finish line - trying to pick it up a bit!
I guess the up side of coming in after most of the runners is that everyone else is there cheering you on!

Me and Sandy. She did great - finished in about 1:28:xx
With our smiles, you wouldn't know we just ran a 15k (maybe it was the popsicle that was bringing the smile). 

It's been 3 days since the race.
I ran 3.2 miles this morning just to give the legs a test - everything's OK:)

Up next? Vacation, where I'll only be running for fun.Then I have to figure out what's on the horizon!

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Hetrick family said...

Eh, P.Ws happen.

Crazy I have lost my running MoJo too. I was on a super high after the half. THen summer hit and gone was my motivation. I am not worried about it. I know it will return in the fall. It always does. Fall is my favorite time to run.
Until then...what are ya gonna do???