Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming Up Next...

The half marathon has been the only thing on my mind since January. Now that it's done, the logical question is, "What's next?"
It seems that spring/summer is full of races, so the answer to this question is quite easy: another race.

Thinking back 2 years ago, I was just getting into running and picked a 5K to give me a goal to strive toward - the Cresson Area Heritage Days 5K. I remember working so hard to get myself to that day of my first 5K. There were several things I remember so clearly about that 1st race:
* Showing up in shorts and tee shirt - it was about 45 degrees. I was so cold, never really warming up for the duration of the race (I remember my legs were so cold, I couldn't even feel them after a bit). That's how I learned that I'm 'cold runner.'
* Meeting up with some old friends from high school and the one saying, "We're going to jog a little to get warmed up; do you want to come with us?" I remember thinking, "I've got 3.1 miles in me, I couldn't possibly include a warm up...."
*Starting out way too fast - by the 2nd mile, I was dragging and I had to include about 4 walk breaks. You get so excited and sucked into the vibes of the other runners.
*Coming across that finish line with a million feelings running through me from extreme happiness, "I stinkin' did it," to wanting to throw up. It was awesome!
I ran that 1st 5K in 30:03 and earned a 3rd place medal in my age category!

All smiles before the race. Notice the long sleeve shirt?
 I ditched it just before the race, thinking I'd warm up  (bad move).

Coming across the finish line - I just ran my first 5K!!!!!

Back to today! I'm planning on running this 5K (including the link to the race registration just in case you want it:) again in 3 weeks. I created a modified training plan (since I couldn't really find a 3-week training plan coming off of recovery week).
I'm excited.
Training starts tomorrow!
I'll post some goals closer to race day.

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Hetrick family said...

It willl be great to see how your time has improved! I am off until July 8th. 15k trail run for me!! Happy running!!