Friday, April 20, 2012

'Twas the Night Before....

I promised myself I'd be in bed by 8:30 this evening, and here I am blogging away.

'Twas the night before my first 1/2  - many thoughts on my mind...
'If I can make it to the starting line, I'm sure I'll be fine!"
The table is covered with all of my gear
Clothes, shoes, water, watch; I forgot something, I fear.

It's time to bed down, a good rest is calling my name.
Fresh legs, a fresh mind - all part of the game.
5:00 am will come mighty quick,
we'll jump in the car and head out to the sticks.

The gun will go off, and we'll set out on the trail-
The pair of Amys enjoying the details..
I'm sure the time will fly and before I know we'll be done
Crossing the line of 13.1!

Here's my list for the day:

A little motivation!

Jeremy made me my own Garmin watch and a big water jug Amy and I can share........
I was laughing so hard, Jeremy couldn't get a good picture of me using my new 'gear!'


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Hetrick family said...

I love this!!!! It will be great. Promise.