Monday, April 16, 2012

Kicking off Race Week with a......Race!

Hello, I'm Amy, have we met?
Seems I've been M.I.A., so I have lots to tell, but will spare all the details and give you the slimmed down version:
*I was all prepared to run the Cook Forest 1/2 marathon - 12 weeks of training (long runs, and tempos, and cross training, and tapering) and then......
I woke up the day before the race with a special gift from the stomach bug........
Ugh! Another year that 12 weeks of training went in the books with no 1/2 to show for it.
*My friend Amy, who trained the same 12 weeks and was all set to run with me went to the race, kicked its butt, and then calls me and says, "Find another 1/2; I don't care where it is, I'll come run with you." Now that's friendship.
*I found another race - a trail race- April 21 - that's Saturday!
*Yesterday officially began taper week (again), but I kicked it off with a 5k.

The Saint Francis U Relay for Life 5k - not an easy course, not at all. It's actually 3.25 miles with 4 significant hills. This is the fastest I've ever run this course. It felt good to run fast and although speed wasn't my plan, that's what happened.

Today is a 'rest' day (nice hike in the woods with the family). I'll run tomorrow and Wednesday and then let the legs rest until Saturday morning.
Thanks for following.

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Hetrick family said...

:) So proud of you that you continue to perservere, and rock it out. Congrats on a course P.B!! So excited to run your first half with you. We'll do it for fun, for our health, for our fam...we will do it BECAUSE WE CAN! :) I will consider it an honor to be a part of a pretty significant milestone in your running career. And any chance to see Jackson and Jude---that's just a bonus. AND JEREMY...can't forget him.