Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Fans

Wow! We really packed a lot of activity into this weekend. It really became more of a racing weekend.
Yesterday, I took the boys out to the Altoona Curve stadium to cheer on 5k runners. We were 'super fans.' Wondering why I wasn't a runner? I was saving up my energy for a 5k this morning (race report further down).
I really enjoyed cheering on the runners. When you're a runner you never get to see the start of the race or the sprint to the end for the first place finisher.

Onto today's race.
This was my 'anniversary race.' Two years ago, I ran this race as my first 5k (and well, the rest is history).
I really wanted to write a post about my goals for this race but I wasn't 100% sure I was going to run it - I started having some hip pain on Friday during a very short run; enough pain that I stopped to walk and called the chiropractor immediately for an adjustment. Yesterday I planned to 'take it easy,' but between being a 'super fan,' grocery shopping, and the million other little things I did, my legs didn't really get the break I was planning for.
I jogged to the race start line from my parents house (about 1 mile) - I figured this would determine if I was going to run or just be a super fan again. The hip hurt, no lying. But the pain didn't increase as I ran, so I figured I'd give the race a try. I was lucky enough to have my own Super Fans (any guesses) for this run.
It was sunny, beautiful, and much warmer than any run I've done this year.
The whistle blew and we were off!
I ran my heart out - I was sweating, panting, cramping, all those good/bad things that come along with running hard.
I crossed the finish line in 26:25 - I was thrilled. I really wanted to come across that line in under 27:00 - I did way better than that! The best part of the race was when my Super Fans rang the little bell they brought with them (it was a bell you put on a kid's bike - we were joking about it earlier, thinking that I should take that with me and that when I wanted to pass someone, I could ring it) - I heard that bell and started laughing a little.
The best part of being happy with my race time was that I also earned a 1st place finish in the Female 36-40 age category (it was a small race)! Score!
Good run!

Joking around pre-race (humor is how I keep the nervousness to a minimum)

At the turn-around point (thanks to my Super fans for the photo)

Almost there!

Super Fans!


Hetrick family said...

You took 3.5 minutes off your time!!!!! That is incredible! I am so happy for you, so very happy for you!! :)

I have to say your "Super Fans" are about as handsome as they come! You are a lucky lady in so many ways!! Can't wait to plan our camp trip! Any races you have in June? We can make a weekend of that, or just do a long run together and make the weekend more about Smores and Bigfoot. :) Let me know!

HudkinsFamily said...

Thanks Aim! I'm feeling it today, but that's OK!
No races in June, but training for a 15k on 4th of July.
You have a 15k in June, right?
Camping - yes, we gotta figure that out!