Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who Takes a Scale on Vacation?

I did!

Vacation is usually a time of rest, relaxation, filling our bellies with all kinds of treats for us, but I had a new philosophy this year. I decided that if I left all of my newer healthy habits behind, then all the work I've done in the past 7 months has just been a diet - nothing more. So we took the scale on vacation with us and monitored intake and output.

We left  for Ocean City, MD last Saturday around noon, so I took the opportunity to use the early morning for a run, thinking that I would start my vacation off on the right foot and in a healthy state of mind. My plan was to be as consistent with my exercise and diet as I am at home, but didn't know if that would actually work out. It did!

Here's how we controlled our intake on vacation:
1. When we arrived @ the beach, we went to the grocery store and loaded up on fruit, healthy snacks, healthy lunch foods, water, frozen fruit, almond milk.
2. We ate breakfast and lunch in our hotel room everyday. Breakfast consisted of either oatmeal or a PB&J (on Arnold's deli rounds). Lunch was either a gardenburger, leftovers, or a lean cuisine meal.
3. We allowed ourselves treats - the last night we ordered a pizza and had a candy bar. There was another evening that we got ice cream (kid-sized) on the boardwalk.
4. I drank a lot of H2O - I took my bottle with me everywhere and just kept working at it.
5. I weighed myself every morning - I actually came home a tad lighter than when I left  -that felt pretty damn good :)
6. When we ate out, I tried to add as many veggies into my meal or Jeremy and I would share a meal, or I only ate 1/2 and took the rest for the next day's lunch.

Here's how I controlled output on vacation:
1. Exercised everyday but 1! Most days I ran, some days I did a combo walk/run. Sunday morning (we stayed in Annapolis Saturday night), I knew I had to exercise b/c our hotel room was right next to the fitness room. Tuesday morning, I woke up after 5am and took our dirty clothes to the laundry facility, which happen to be right neat the fitness room. So while the clothes washed and dried, I was able to get in an hour of cardio!
2. When we swam with the kids, I tried to do some extra movements in the water against resistance.
3. We did a lot of extra walking - to the beach, along the boardwalk.
4. Thanks to the heat wave, I did a lot of sweating.

This vacation was totally different than any other, because coming home, I not only had the wonderful memories to cherish, but the pride in knowing that I was not just in the middle of some type of fad diet - this is my new lifestyle! I feels so great to be able to mesh all of my habits with my everyday life, no matter where I am!

I must say that I am very proud of my whole family - we're all cruising to wellness - we all focused on putting good things in our bodies and making good choices all around! Through Jeremy's suggestion, we took our Honda Civic on vacation - this made us focus on quality vs. quantity - we packed less clothes, less toys, less junk. We used less than 2 tanks of gas for the entire trip (still have a 1/4 tank left). We also made sure that we were careful in creating as little waste as possible while in OC. Ocean City did away with their recycling program (bummer), so we had a special bag for all of our recyclables and when we left, we dropped them off @ a recycling center a few miles up the road.

What a meaningful and purposeful vacation! Every minute we spent together is so special to me and I realize that our focus on health and wellness will allow us to continue to enjoy on the good things!
Lovin' being on the beach

Feeling so healthy - so happy to be with my boys.

Our happy family (I get smiley just looking @ this photo)

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