Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Run

I decided to try to big run today - anything over 3.1 miles is considered 'big' in my book. There's a 6.3 mile route/loop near my house, so I decided to try it. It's tough - pretty much all hills - no flat spots. On top of that, the sun was blaring (although the temp was only mid-high 70s). I set out with a bottle of water, something I usually don't do, and let Jeremy know that I could either #1 run my usual 3.1 trek up the road and back, #2 run out to the end of our road and back (5 miles), or #3 do the 6.3 mile loop. I wanted to have options so that when I started out, I could cut it short if I felt like I needed to.
So, again, there are no flat spots on this route - all hills. My goal was just to not stop, whether I was running or walking, I just didn't want to stop. I did well, I started out running and when I hit the first big/long hill, I walked and jogged parts of it. I picked up running whenever and where ever I could (most upgrades I walked or slow jogged).

It was so hard, but I pushed and pushed and made the entire 6.3 loop in 67:00 - that's about 10:45/mile. I was thrilled. When I run my 5Ks I usually average about 9:30/mile, so I doubled my distance and only increased my time by a little over a minute/mile.
 I've never run that far before, but I can guarantee this won't be the last time I explore that loop.

My legs are so tired, but I'm so proud of that experience, that no pain can damper my spirit right now!

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