Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just an Observation

I went to the gym on campus yesterday as I do most days of the week.

My observation was that almost every machine was inhabited - that's not the norm.

My conclusion is that most students made new year's resolutions that include fitness or weight loss.

My prediction is that fast forward 1 month and I'll be back to having the choice of almost any machine there.

My hope is that fast forward 1 month and I'll still have to fight for a machine - I really do. It's great to see students with lofty goals. Even if the majority of them fall off the bandwagon in a month, some won't. Some will stay on their path toward health and wellness! 
I look back to 2010 when I was the one with the new year's resolution and others, at the gym, probably looked at me and doubted that I'd be there come February. But I was the one, the few, that made it through January, February, and 3 years later, I'm still there!

So I say: Go ahead, keep trying. You might fail, but you'll never succeed if you don't give it a try!

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