Saturday, January 5, 2013

Better Get a Move On

We're 5 days into the new year and time is a-wasting. 
I better commit to some goals or I'm gonna end up in Regretsville.

A few thoughts before I construct my 2013 goal list:

* I don't think it's wise to try and beat my total mileage from last year. It was hard enough getting that # under my belt. I feel like if I try and top it, I'm asking for injury.
* I think I'm finally, after 3 years, coming around to understanding what running means to me and my body.
* I'm interested in cross training more and attempting to tone all those flabby areas (and there are many) and I'm realizing running is the only way there.

So, here goes:

1. Run 500 miles - or about that. Also would like to log another 500 miles on the bike (indoor and/or out). 

2. Complete another 1/2 marathon. Main goal with this is to finish feeling like I gave it my all but also feeling OK. I might try and PR, which wouldn't be hard to beat 2:08:39 if I play it smart.

3. PR in the 4th of July 5k. I mean PR on this course. My goal will need to be 27:09. I think I might strive for a sub 27 on that.

4. Help someone get started running. I'm by no means an expert, but I've failed and succeeded enough in the past 3 years that I can probably help someone else get a running goal initiated. My boys always talk about running - maybe I'll help them run a race?

5. Attend the RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) coaching certification course. I know I'm not the ideal person to be 'coaching' other runners, but I'd like to someday and I know this certification course will help. These courses fill up pretty much as soon as they're announced, so if I don't meet this goal this year, it'll go on next year's list.

6. Cross-train more regularly. I think this is key to keeping me injury free. Fortunately for me, I have access to an excellent cross-training class at work. Everyday from 12-12:30! I just need to make sure I get there!

7. More water and better nutrition. This will always be on the list.

I don't think there's anything unreasonable in here. It's not an amazing list, but I am going to look at this year as my recovery year - I've gone 3 years pushing and pushing from one race/training right into another. So if you were hoping to read that I was throwing in the hat and going for the BIG 26.2 this year, sorry to disappoint. I'm thrilled with these goals and know I'll enjoy attaining them - that might just be the best part of it!

Any BIG goals for you? 
How about little, but satisfying goals?
Any crazy, like "I'm out of my mind for even thinking this," goals?
Good luck and remember to enjoy the ride (or run)!


Hetrick family said...

I want to add one more goal.....

Get over your fears of port-a-potties.
Don't look....don't your business and GET OUT.

You will be glad you did around mile 8.5!

HudkinsFamily said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'll be stopping at the Sheetz prior to the race thank you very much! I will always fear the port-a-potty!