Sunday, March 24, 2013

1st Race of 2013

Even though it may seem, due to the lack of blog posts, that I have been slacking off, I have been running. A lot.
I am so excited to say that in a little less than a month I'll be checking my 2nd 1/2 marathon off my list! I will be running the Boston Trail 1/2m. This is the same race I ran last year with my friend, Amy. This year we both recruited 4/5 other gals to run it with us. Well, I say 'with us,' but no one is holding another to run together unless paces align. We're all meeting but going out to do what feels best for us. The goal? Just finish!
So I'm following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan again.
I start week 9 of the plan today. My longest long run so far was 10 miles - I just ran that on Friday. It was tough but the weird thing was that there was practically no recovery period; I didn't hurt at all the next day. The evening of the run my legs were a little tight, but not like 'I just ran 10 miles,' tired. Hmmm? Maybe it was the mellow rock playlist I made to keep me happy? Maybe it was the fact that it was 26 degrees and my legs never really had the chance to get too warm?
So onto what this post title implies - a RACE!
I ran a 5-mile race last Sunday, the 17th. It was the Ken Brumbaugh Memorial Race sponsored by the Hollidaysburg YMCA.
It was on the Horseshoe Curve road.
 A bit of an upgrade on the way out, which I didn't realize until the turn around point when things seemed to get a bit easier. I guess in a course like that negative splits are a given.
 Overall I felt OK - I have not been focused on speed during any of my training, so speed was obviously not my goal. Actually, my goal was 5 miles at 1/2M race pace, which is ~9:45/9:40 (somewhere around there, although I'll be fine with anything under a 10 minute mile).
Official time: 44:17 (8:51 pace)
Female 35-39: 5th out of 10 runners
Impressions: better than I was hoping for!
Me and my friend Sandy, who btw captured a 2nd place finish in her age category with a 43:24 finish (she just blew right past me).
She's training for Pittsburgh Marathon in May -she amazes me with the level of commitment, skill, and ability she has :) This race is the first time we've run together in a long time. Too long. We need to run together again soon.
So I'm ready to start week 9 of this training. It's a step-back week - long run is a 10k. I'm cool with that since it's Easter week and there's a lot going on. Of course, it might be worth it for me to plug in a longer run since I'll have a little extra time off.

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