Sunday, April 28, 2013

Race Report (1 week late)

Holy smokes!
It's been a week since I completed my 2nd 1/2 marathon and I'm just getting the race report up. That shows just how busy things have been around here lately. As a matter of fact, this is the 1st time, a week later, that I had more than 15 minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts about the race.
This might get a little lengthy, but I gotta get it all in before I forget it.
The facts:
The race: The Boston Trail 1/2 Marathon (same one I ran last year)
The date: Saturday, April 20, 2013
I decided in January to run this race again. My good friend Amy and I decided we wanted to give it another whirl. This was my 1st 1/2 in 2012 and her 2nd. We began training and somewhere along the way, not too far in, we both recruited a couple friends who were interested in running also. We started a Facebook group where we shared our WIR (week in review), running motivation, and other fun running news. About 1/2 way through the training, Amy announced that after much pain in her hip, she wouldn't be able to continue training but take some time to rest that hip. Some others also had to pull out for various reasons, but so it goes in running!
On the morning of the run, 6 of us from the running group showed up to put our best foot/feet forward and get another (or 1st) chance of earning a 1/2marathon finisher's medal. I think of the 6 of us, I was the only one with 1 half under my belt.
It was cold that morning, but the sun would peek out every now and then. The race started at 9:00am with a moment of silence for all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.
My goal for this race was to finish feeling better than last year. And of course, I wanted a better time.

The first 6 miles were good, better than I expected. And faster than I expected.
Mile 1 = 9:07
Mile 2 = 9:03
Mile 3 = 9:16
Mile 4 = 9:22
Mile 5 = 9:12
Mile 6 =  9:19
I know that the Map My Run app overestimates mileage, so I know these splits weren't completely accurate, but was thrilled to hear them chiming in each mile. What I really should have been doing is taking heed and slowing down a bit more. But, as a rookie runner, I didn't!
I felt well fueled, well hydrated, and I honestly felt Ok. I really didn't want to slow down.
The turn around came at 6.5 and I remember thinking that at this point last year I was really starting to tank. This year, I was feeling it, but I knew I wasn't tanking.
Mile 7 = 9:20
Mile 8 = 9:17
Mile 9 = 9:35
Somewhere between miles 9 and 10, I realized that I might be in some trouble. I started having a sharp pain in my upper right thigh - like, what in the world? I never felt it before. Oh well, I'll just try and ignore it. But just like me, the negative thoughts set in and I started a downward spiral that led to the last 3 miles being a run/walk combo. Honestly, though, I didn't really care because other than the pain, I felt OK. I mean, I wasn't awesome, but I knew that even if I had to walk it all, I was getting over that finish line in 1 piece and with some satisfaction.
Mile 10 = 10:20
Mile 11 = 10:12
Mile 12 = 11:03
Mile 13 = 10:31
Coming in around mile 11. Thank goodness for my support team, my boys! It was so amazing to see them. They stopped at 3 different spots to cheer me on. At the last stop, I said, "See ya at the finish line!" That was so awesome to say!
According to the Map My Run app, I actually ran 13.47, so my pace was a 9:47 (which would be 2 seconds faster than last year's pace), but the official chip time had me at 13.1 miles in 2:10:41, with a 9:58 pace.
I'll take it!
I got the medal!
And, all my running group friends did awesome as well! Most, I think, coming in way under their
 A Goal - awesome.
Heading into the finish line. Look behind the guy on the mat to find me :)

I had to add this photo. This is my friend, Deanna (who is actually my student as well). She is someone who I 'suckered' into this training and she took it and ran with it (pun totally intended). Her goal was under 2:20. She hit it in like, 2:12ish!!! Can you say warrior?

Another one of my students - Kelly. New to running, she's only completed (1) 5k prior to this race. We ran together for most of the race but she took off around mile 9/10 and finished in ~ 2:06! Her 1st 1/2! She better come back next year. She's sure to catch a sub 2:00!

My Team! Oh my goodness! What in the world would I do without them? They are my everything!
 I'm already thinking about next year! This is a great run and I think it's going to become tradition!
Next post will be about my reflections on what I did right and wrong.
THANKS for supporting me and reading!

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