Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some Things I've Learned While Running

I was out on a short run today and somehow I got philosophical, which isn't all that uncommon for me, but those deep thoughts usually happen on longer runs. Today's thoughts started shortly after I spit on myself; yes, you read that correctly, I spit on myself; which was actually quite disappointing because I really thought I've become quite the proficient spitter (should that be capitalized? Spitter - it's a title, after all). Maybe I was thinking deeply to keep me distracted from the hills I was running:
Anyway, I came up with the start (read this as, "I wanted to jot these things down before I forget them, but will probably add to this last as I have more thoughtful runs) of a list of things I learned/came to realize while running or because of running:
1a. Spitting is not just for boys!
1b. Proficiency in spitting comes from practice.
2. Running has increased my patience - how could it not? You need so much mental endurance to run for any longer than 2 minutes.
3. Although no run is ever easy for me, I never regret hauling my a$$ out there and giving it my all, even if it is only for 2 miles.
4. Running on a treadmill has its place and advantages, but being outside in the sun, seeing the beautiful scenery (even the ~500 pig I ran past. Literally, it was a real pig), and filling the lungs with cool air is not only healing, but totally inspiring.
5.     This one is only describable through a photo:

What have you learned through or because of running?

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Hetrick family said...

:) **Love**. I'm awful at spitting too. So frustrating.