Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Trot Update

The weather was great for yesterday morning's Turkey Trot! A tad breezy, but OK.
My goal was to just go out and make some room for Thankggiving festivities by running off a few calories! That's pretty much what I did! I didn't train for this race, so I wasn't expecting anything great. I figured I'd finish in under 30:00; I did. I came in at 28:01 (why didn't I pick it up just a little to make it in under 28:00? I don't know...). There were 421 runners/walkers for the race - a great increase from last year's # (I think around 150).

Starting line - I'm in there - look for the funny blue hat (I'm just behind the guy in the maroon sweatshirt who is actually paying attention to Jeremy for the picture).

A smile on my face - must be coming in to the finish!

My boys like this race because the start/finish is @ the local fire station.
my boys + firetrucks = true love!
(that's a banana in Jude's mouth btw)

My friend, Kerri ran with her sister and nephews. I'm so proud of her.
Bummer, we didn't even get a picture together after the race.

And this is why I ran yesterday!

Another Thanksgiving in the books!
I went out Black Friday shopping this morning, mainly to get new running shoes.......I gotta take them for a test run and then I'll let ya know how they are!

Official time: 28:01 (9:02min/mile)
Age (30-39): 21/75
Overall: 164/421


Hetrick family said...

Congrats on meeting your sub 30 goal. Hope you had a great turkey day :)

Hetrick family said...
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