Friday, September 23, 2011

Come on Schwartz!!

Schwartz - you know, that special power that comes from a special ring that only princes from Planet Druidia possess? No, you don't know that? Doesn't ring a bell?
Am I the only Spaceballs addict?
The schwartz is like the 'force' (Star Wars). There's a line in Spaceballs when Lonestar (the Hans Solo equivalent in Star Wars) is trying to lift a huge statue using only the schwartz (and the cheap cereal box prize ring); he concentrating and saying, "Come on schwartz....come on schwartz!"
Well, I'm trying to use the schwartz to convince the weather to cooperate with race day plans.
Last evening when I logged on to weather - this is what I saw:

Today, the forecast looks a tad more favorable, proving the schwartz is strong!

So this race thing..........
It's the Great Race !
Sunday 9/25/11 -- Pittsburgh, PA
Sold out - 14, 500 participants and I'm one of them :)
I'm so excited for this race - the starting line is in Frick Park and we finish @ Point Park State Park 6.2 miles later.
With a race this large, my goals are simple: finish!
OK, maybe I have a little more hope than that:

Goal A: Finish ahead of my last (and only other) 10K race with a time better than 54:25. I really don't see this being reasonable or achievable given that my fast run paces me around a 9:00/mile (just not quite good enough to beat my last 10K time).

Goal B: Cross that finish line somewhere under 57:00. This is possible if everything lines up in my favor (maybe I need to use the schwartz). This would put me around a 9:11/mile or less......hmmmm. Like I said possible.

Goal C: Cross the finish line under 59:00. This is probably my most likely scenario. Most runners don't want to settle for their "Goal C," but honestly, I have a feeling I'm going to be so excited running through the city of Pittsburgh that I'll want to enjoy the sites and probably not focus so much on my pace/time.

So here's to fun times and an enjoyable race.
Thanks for reading!

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