Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Running........

For real!
I'm back at it - I'm seeing it as my 'rehab,' and not really my 'training,' but, darn it, I'm running!

~4 weeks ago, I had so much pain in my knee that running was totally out of the question (even walking hurt occasionally).

~3 weeks ago, the PT wanted me to 'try' a run - so I did; only to  experience pain 30 seconds into the run. So I kept up with the strengthening, stability, icing, resting, elevating routine. Then in PT, I was able to run 3 minutes (it hurt, but not too bad), then 6 minutes, then 10 minutes.

~2 weeks ago I started a routine of trying to run 1 day and then the next day I'd complete my leg exercises. This was a good strategy and continues to be my path to full rehabilitation.

This week, I put in a few runs, adding 1-2 minutes to each run.

Today, I ran 24:04 minutes! PAIN FREE! And I picked a challenging route - hills, uneven pavement, and hills (oh, did I mention that? They totally kicked my butt). The sense of satisfaction is beyond words!

I started an exercise class @ work - it's M-W-F over lunch, so between the this class and my running, I really feel like I'm starting to get back on track. So much so, that I'm looking @ races........

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