Friday, August 9, 2013

A Running Hiatus

Hey look, running, I need a break. It's not you, it's me............
I took a break from running this week.
I've been having some 'issues' with running lately. I'm slower, clocking less miles, having more aches and pains, and enjoying it less. Instead of continuing to push myself through those measly 2-3 miles runs and feeling like the slowest, dumbest runner ever, I decided to just take a brief hiatus from my routine. I just want to see if running is where I want to continue my focus, if it really still makes a difference in my day.
So it's Friday..........
I will start back to running on Sunday with a renewed sense of adventure and a new pair (actually 2) of shoes. I'm testing out Saucony again. I have the Kinvara and Ride.
I will start an 8-week training plan for a 10k in October.

So a week without running has made me realize what running does for me:
* Maintain my weight - the most significant reason I started running was to lose weight - and I did! And then I continued to lose and then I plateaued, and plateaued, and plateaued. I thought running wasn't doing anything for my weight anymore. Then I stopped running and my weight has changed this week, and not in a good weigh way. So yes! running continues to help me with my weight.
* Gives my exercise a sense of direction - going from race to race helps me line up my exercise routines. I come up with my training plan, print it out, and with each completed workout cross it off - that's a sense of accomplishment!
* Helps my stress level - more than anything it gives me time to think; sometimes about important things, but sometimes most times useless things like math problems, test questions, etc.... I realize that I need that mindless thinking time.

Maybe with my renewed motivation of fitness will come a renewed sense of more timely blogging..........we shall see! Maybe I'll have a guest blogger next time......

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